• Specialised solution

Fleetmax and its complementary service WasteTrack have been designed to meet the needs of the waste services industry. Bin counter integration, bin identification using RFID, bin weighing, service exception logging, proof of service and many other features are available out of the box.

  • Meeting customer demands

With customers demanding more from their collection service, Fleetmax helps report KPI metrics and other information direct to council and customer services. Restricted access can be given directly to council or customer services to get information in real-time direct as it is needed.

  • SLA reliability guarantee

Fleetmax offers a service level agreement option, giving the guarantee that the system will be reliable and always accessible.

  • Collection trends

Fleetmax can show which bins have been collected and where and when on a clickable map using various highlight colours. This allows an overview of collections to help show variations in organics and or recycling trends within a council's jurisdiction.