• Fleet productivity

Streamline operations by being able to analyze and operate your assets to their full capability. Improve planning and real-time decisions by being able to view the location and status of your whole fleet at the click of a button.

  • Chain of responsibility

Ensure that your staff are safe by monitoring driver behaviour. Speed, continuous operation, rest breaks, harsh braking and a range of other telemetries can be monitored to ensure safety in the workplace.

  • Servicing and field maintenance

Keep on top of servicing using Fleetmax's service management features. The system keeps track of vehicles odometer and engine hours and flags when a service is approaching or overdue. Use CANBUS integration to receive fault codes from vehicles while they are in the field.

  • Security

Protect sensitive freight and monitor for unauthorized operation using the security features in Fleetmax. Receive SMS, email or web based alerts on unauthorized events.